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InterAccessUSA has significant relationships in the greater Washington area business community and has assisted number of Fortune 500 companies, and small/medium/large sized enterprises.


We advised clients in major privatization projects, mergers/acquisitions, and negotiations with governments, regulatory agencies in the region, and assisted in their Central European operations (including Tenneco, Duke Energy, ExxonMobil) and Ameritech (Ameritech Corporation), later SBC,  IMPAC. 


The President of InterAccessUSA/Inter-Access Inc. was Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors of the country market leader Hungarian Telekom (the majority owner is the Deutsche Telekom), and member of the Board of Slager Radio owned by the Indiana based EMMIS Communications.



Case Studies: Please inquire for our References and Case Studies.

References, recommendations by colleagues, business partners, and professional service providers:

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