Market research, business development and competitive analysis, international trade, export-import (USA-Europe)

InterAccessUSA conducts viability analyses for clients’ products and services and identifies advantages / weaknesses vis-a-vis competing and comparable offerings. We assist our partners in preparing and fine tuning their business plans on the basis of respective analyses. 

InterAccessUSA highlights the general and specific aspects of the target market and provides guidance on business culture and any other factors that may impact the client’s strategy and business success. The company provides international trade/export-import support between the USA and Europe. 

Trade development and partner-research, investment promotion 

InterAccessUSA is looking for potential agents, distributors, sales representatives, and other business partners for its clients; it provides whole range of partner-research services, including:

▪ appointments with prequalified sales representatives or partners,


▪ customized market and industry briefings in advance of business meetings,


▪ market research on your industry sector,


▪ assistance with travel, accommodations, interpreter service, and clerical support, a video conference,


▪ discuss results of meetings and assistance in developing appropriate follow-up strategies,


▪ finding you the most suitable licensees, distributors, agents, and strategic partners,


▪ using its experts' network and extensive contacts in the target market, InterAccessUSA identifies potential partners and provides detailed description of them,


▪ identify additional high-potential markets for their products while attending exhibitions, conferences, trade shows:


▫ assist Small to Medium Enterprise's participation in officially recognized overseas trade events, ranging from low cost catalog exhibitions to trade missions,


▫ arrange our clients to leverage their participation at a major trade event by meeting with business partners from various countries to receive one-on-one counseling sessions,


▪ comprehensive, customized ways to achieve your business goals through typically one year sustained support.



Organization of business meetings and identification of cost effective supply chain services

InterAccessUSA identifies potential customers and partners for our clients, organizes meetings with them and provides general business development advice. Upon request we identify agents, distributors and representatives.

InterAccessUSA conducts preliminary talks and pre-qualifies customers and partners. We lay the groundwork for substantive negotiations and set up telephone or video conferences upon request.



General consulting for start-ups and identification of cost effective accountancy and legal counsel

InterAccessUSA provides general and hands-on advice for start-up companies on the basis of our clients’ business plans.  We also provide an outline of the business implications of various incorporation options. 

InterAccessUSA further advises on selection of accountancy, legal counsel, tax and investment advisers, marketing and sales consultants, and representatives on the basis of their track record and standing in the business community.  Upon request, we interview and pre-screen respective support staff to minimize our clients’ administrative tasks related to market entry



PR, marketing and communications

InterAccessUSA offers:

Planning, research

Strategy execution


1. Planning and research

Consulting in strategic and operational issues to achieve immediate and long term goals, assistance in shaping the necessary organizational structures and defining mission statements and PR strategy


Research, business intelligence collection, collation and analysis, business and social trend forecasts, and media relations


PR consulting and image building


Communication and networking guidance


Crisis prevention and management


2. Strategy execution

Management of electronic and print media relations, with special attention to industry publications,


Organization of trade and road shows,


Management of marketing and sales activities,


Network development,


Management of feedback and product / service improvement,


Preparation of manuals and organization of continuous training and education within the clients’ company.


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